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Knitting and Crochet Stitchfinder

StitchFinder provides detailed instructions and images of popular knitting and crochet stitches

Wondering what to do with these stitches? Click here for more information about the crochet blocks or here for information about the crochet stitches.
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5 Tips for Using the StitchFinder: A Starter Guide
Crochet Block: All In A Row
Crochet Block: Cat's Head
Crochet Block: Check
Crochet Block: Circles and Bobbles
Crochet Block: Concentric Circles
Crochet Block: Concentric Squares
Crochet Block: Dog's Head
Crochet Block: Fair Isle
Crochet Block: Homestead
Crochet Block: Lacy Stripes
Crochet Block: Little Gems
Crochet Block: Scales
Crochet Block: Spiral
Crochet Block: Textured Stripes
Crochet Block: Traditional Star
Crochet Block: Wildflower
Crochet Floral Block: Butterfly Square
Crochet Floral Block: Chrysanthemum Square
Crochet Floral Block: Coral Trellis Square
Crochet Floral Block: Crocus
Crochet Floral Block: Poppy Square
Crochet Floral Block: Primrose Square
Crochet Floral Block: Three Daisy Square
Crochet Floral Block: Tulip Square
Crochet Flower: Apple Blossom
Crochet Flower: Aster
Crochet Flower: Borage
Crochet Flower: Chrysanthemum
Crochet Flower: Clover Leaf
Crochet Flower: Irish Rose
Crochet Flower: Lily of the Valley
Crochet Flower: Narcissus
Crochet Flower: Rolled Rose and Rosebud
Crochet Flower: Tradescantia
Crochet Flowers: European Rose
Crochet Flowers: Iris
Crochet Flowers: Orchid
Crochet Flowers: Poinsettia
Crochet Motif: Celtic Octagon
Crochet Motif: Multi-Colored Quatrefoil
Crochet Motif: Post Stitch Spoke Wheel
Crochet Motif: Two-Tone Double Crochet Star
Crochet Nature Motif: Chili
Crochet Nature Motif: Clouded Yellow Butterfly
Crochet Nature Motif: Lime And Leaf
Crochet Nature Motif: Snail
Crochet Nature Motif: Strawberry
Crochet Pincushion: Mr. Bear
Crochet Pincushion: Parterre Garden
Crochet Pincushion: Sphere
Crochet Sampler Square: Basic Shell Pattern
Crochet Sampler Square: Popcorn
Crochet Sampler Square: Thistle
Crochet Sampler Square: V-Stitch
Crochet Sea Creature: Anglerfish
Crochet Sea Creature: Blue Starfish
Crochet Sea Creature: Bullion Coral
Crochet Sea Creature: Pygmy Octopus
Crochet Sea Creature: Seahorse
Crochet Snowflake: Auvergnasse
Crochet Snowflake: Boreas
Crochet Snowflake: Firn
Crochet Snowflake: Icicle
Crochet Snowflake: Nevada
Crochet Snowflake: Plane Dendrite
Crochet Snowflake: Rimed Crystal
Crochet Snowflake: Squall
Crochet Snowflake: Taryn
Crochet Snowflake: White Dew
Crochet Stitch: Alone Together
Crochet Stitch: Checkerboard
Crochet Stitch: Crochet Cable
Crochet Stitch: Diagonal Stripes
Crochet Stitch: Fanfare
Crochet Stitch: Gilded Fans
Crochet Stitch: Lace Ripples
Crochet Stitch: Petal Mesh
Crochet Stitch: Petite Popcorns
Crochet Stitch: Picot
Crochet Stitch: Playblocks
Crochet Stitch: Rainbow Chevron
Crochet Stitch: Rendez-Vous
Crochet Stitch: Reversible Mesh
Crochet Stitch: Scallop Stripes
Crochet Stitch: Shell Pattern 1
Crochet Stitch: Shell Pattern 2
Crochet Stitch: Solid Scallop
Crochet Stitch: Solomon's Knot
Crochet Stitch: St. George's Variation
Crochet Stitch: Stacked Clusters
Crochet Stitch: Star Mesh
Crochet Stitch: Striped Chevrons
Crochet Stitch: Twinkle, Twinkle
Crochet Trim: Arcade Edge
Crochet Trim: Block Edge
Crochet Trim: Curlicue Fringe
Crochet Trim: Eyelet Braid
Crochet Trim: Frilled Edging
Crochet Trim: Interlaced Edge
Crochet Trim: Lattice Fringe
Crochet Trim: Long Waves
Crochet Trim: Luxurious Braid
Crochet Trim: Popcorn Fringe
Crochet Trim: Pyramids Braid
Crochet Trim: Rhythmic Edge
Crochet Trim: Slip Fringe
Crochet Trim: Soft Center
Crochet Trim: Waves Edge
Crochet: Motif 1: Octagon Star
Crochet: Motif 2: Granny Stitch Hexagon
Crochet: Motif 3: Circle in the Square
Crochet: Motif 4: Circle in the Square
Crochet: Motif 5: Octagon
Crochet: Motif 6: Six-Petal Flower
Crochet: Motif 7: Hexagon Wheel
Crochet: Motif 8: Flower-Center Circular Motif
Crochet: Motif 9: Six-Pointed Star
Crochet: Motif 10: Granny Style Quad Rosette
Crochet: Motif 11: Hexagon
Knit Floral Block: Bobble Blossom
Knit Floral Block: Forget Me Not
Knit Floral Block: Iris
Knit Floral Block: Lace Bouquet
Knit Floral Block: Rose
Knit Floral Block: Seventies Daisy
Knit Floral Block: Spring Leaf
Knit Floral Block: Star Flower
Knit Flower: Arum Lily
Knit Flower: Clematis
Knit Flower: Clove Carnation
Knit Flower: Dahlia
Knit Flower: Field Poppy
Knit Flower: Morning Glory
Knit Flower: Petunia
Knit Flower: Rose
Knit Flower: Small Leaf
Knit Flower: Snowdrop
Knit Lace: Crystal Chandelier
Knit Lace: Feather and Fan
Knit Lace: Simple Chevron
Knit Lace: Slip-Stitch Ripples
Knit Lace: Waves of Grain
Knit Motif: Four-Leaf Counterpane
Knit Motif: Lace Spiral
Knit Motif: Leafy Hexagon
Knit Motif: Radiant Star
Knit Nature Motif: Acorn
Knit Nature Motif: Blue Tit (Bird)
Knit Nature Motif: Large Blue (Butterfly)
Knit Nature Motif: Lemon Slice
Knit Nature Motif: Scallop Shell
Knit Pincushion: Reindeer
Knit Sea Creature: Angelfish
Knit Sea Creature: Blue Whale
Knit Sea Creature: Clownfish
Knit Sea Creature: Giant Squid
Knit Sea Creature: Sea Turtle
Knit Stitch: Bamboo Eyelet
Knit Stitch: Cross Rib
Knit Stitch: Diamond And Bobble
Knit Stitch: Feather And Fan
Knit Stitch: Lace Pattern
Knit Stitch: Lace Stitch
Knit Trim: Baby Lace
Knit Trim: Basic Lace
Knit Trim: Bias Binding
Knit Trim: Bird's Eye
Knit Trim: Bobbles
Knit Trim: Bud And Stem
Knit Trim: Feather And Fan
Knit Trim: Garter Stitch Loops
Knit Trim: Hoops
Knit Trim: Loop Edge Fringe
Knit Trim: Points
Knit Trim: Single Loop Fringe
Knit Trim: Umbrella Flounce
Knit Trim: Zig Zag
Knit Trim: Zig Zag Rib
Knitting Pattern: Arrowhead Lace
Knitting Pattern: Diagonal Shadow Stripes
Knitting Pattern: Drop Stitch Pattern
Knitting Pattern: Granite Relief Stitch
Knitting Pattern: Gulls And Garter
Knitting Pattern: Lace Rib
Knitting Pattern: Leaf Lace
Knitting Pattern: Leaves Of Grass
Knitting Pattern: Mesh Pattern
Knitting Pattern: Mini Cable
Knitting Pattern: Mock Rib
Knitting Pattern: Moss Stitch
Knitting Pattern: Pair of Eyelets
Knitting Pattern: Pointelle
Knitting Pattern: Purl Ridges
Knitting Pattern: Ripple Pattern
Knitting Pattern: Scalloped Eyelet Edging
Knitting Pattern: Seed Stitch
Knitting Pattern: Seed Stitch Blocks
Knitting Pattern: Simple Basketweave
Knitting Pattern: Simple Eyelet
Knitting Pattern: Simple Eyelet Diamonds
Knitting Pattern: Small Diamond Brocade
Knitting Pattern: Sugar Cubes
Knitting Pattern: Wide Rib
Knitting Pattern: Winter Lace
Knitting: Cable: Bonbons
Knitting: Cable: Cable and Seed
Knitting: Cable: Cable and Wheat
Knitting: Cable: Classic Cable and Rib
Knitting: Cable: Cruller
Knitting: Cable: Diamonds and Pearls
Knitting: Cable: Firefly
Knitting: Cable: Frosted Edge
Knitting: Cable: Gingerbread
Knitting: Cable: Honeycomb
Knitting: Cable: Horseshoe
Knitting: Cable: Hourglass
Knitting: Cable: Hugs and Kisses
Knitting: Cable: Ice Storm
Knitting: Cable: Jumbo Cable
Knitting: Cable: Large Cable and Eyelet
Knitting: Cable: Mock Right Twist
Knitting: Cable: Moss Stitch Diamond
Knitting: Cable: Opposites Attract
Knitting: Cable: Retwisted Taffy
Knitting: Cable: Ring of Fire
Knitting: Cable: Seven Sisters
Knitting: Cable: Tower of Song
Knitting: Cable: Twisted Taffy
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